"If you are good,then the whole world will be good for you".Swami Sivananda

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    Kid's Camp Health Form download here
    Note:Health forms can be scanned and emailed to kidscamp@sivananda.org or
    mailed to Sivananda Yoga Camp- 673, 8th avenue, Val Morin, J0T 2R0, QC.
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    Rules and Regulation:

    Day Visit
    Parents are only allowed to visit their children and take them out on July 22nd between 10am - 4 pm. Please contact saraswati@sivananda.org for more information.
    Read the Rules

    General Rules for Registration and Attendance

    1. Failure to comply with any of the rules listed on this rules sheet will mean non-admittance or expulsion from the Children’s Camp Program.
    2. All campers are required to have a valid Canadian Health Card or a health insurance policy valid in Canada for the duration of the stay at the Camp. A copy of the card or policy is to be submitted with the application form and the actual documents handed in open registration at the Camp.
    3. A Health Registration Form is to be submitted, signed by both the examining physician and the parent or guardian. The physical examination may be performed within 12 months of arrival at Camp.
    4. Parents are allowed to visit their children only on July 22nd between 10am - 4pm. Parents/relatives and friends are not allowed on kids camp grounds (kids camp cabins, dining and activity areas). Permission may be granted for exceptional reasons, signed by counsellor or Camp Director.
    5. By signing this form, parents and guardians give full consent for the child to remain enrolled for the entire duration of the Children’s Camp.
    6. Please note that head lice check will be performed upon arrival and infected children will not be permitted to attend. Full refund or credit of registration fees will be given . Parents are advised to check their children for 2 weeks prior to arrival to prevent infestation upon arrival.

    Behavior and Decorum

    1. The general rules of the Ashram must be obeyed. No meat, fish, eggs, garlic, onions are allowed at the Camp.
    2. Use of narcotics, alcohol, or tobacco in any form is not allowed on the Ashram grounds. Those found in possession of any of these items will be immediately dismissed. Any prescribed drugs must be accompanied by usage instructions from the physician and noted on the health registration form.
    3. Campers are to attend all activities and participate in any assigned karma yoga unless excused by the Camp Director.
    4. The cabins of the children are to be kept tidy. Daily room inspections will be made.
    5. Instructions of the camp counselors and Ashram staff are to be obeyed.
    6. Children are not allowed out of the Ashram grounds unaccompanied by a camp counselor.
    7. No campers are to be outside of their cabin between lights-out and wake-up (9 PM to 7 AM) except with permission of their counselor for use of toilet facilities.
    8. No electronic games, radios, CD players, Ipods, cellphones should be brought to Camp. All personal electronics found at the Camp will be stored in the Director office until departure.
    9. Clothing must be modest, appropriate for the Ashram and practical for country living. Shoes should be flat and comfortable for walking on forest trails. Please do not bring excessive jewelry, makeup or platform shoes.
    10. The behavior of all participants of the children’s camp should reflect respect for all life. Violent or abusive behavior, whether verbal or physical, is inappropriate. No swearing.
    11. Campers are expected to respect the property of the Ashram, the property of others, and their own personal property.

    Ashram facilities, Phones and Mail

    1. Campers are not allowed in the lodge of the Ashram unless a counselor accompanies them. There will be restricted access to all buildings except those for use by children (cabins and clubhouse).

    2. The health hut and boutique may be visited only during times specified by the director or counselors.

    3. The telephone facilities of the Ashram are extremely limited. Campers will have access to the phones only with counselor’s approval during the days assigned for each cabin. Calling cards are available from the boutique.

    4. Phone calls from parents will be accepted from 12noon-1pm and from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Please limit the number and the length of your calls.

    5. Letters and packages to campers should clearly show the recipient’s name and also be marked “Kid’s Camp”. The address is 673, 8th Avenue, Val Morin, QC, J0T 2R0, Canada.

    6. Although some home made treats are welcome, please do not send junk food or candy.

    7. Younger campers may want to bring pre-addressed envelopes from home. Please do not put postage stamps that are not from Canada on the envelopes; the post office will not accept them. Postage stamps are available at the Ashram boutique for letters home.

    Arrival and Departure of children

    Children are to arrive on the day their camp starts between the hours indicated on application form and are to leave on the departure date between the hours indicated at the departure forms. Counselors and staff will not be available to supervise campers outside of these dates. An adult must accompany the child on arrival and departure and is to be specified on the application form.

    Please also be aware that children will be signed out of Camp only on departure day, not graduation day as graduation finishes late at night and it is not safe to have some children leaving and some staying on. It also gives children opportunity to have peaceful last day of camp when they can have normal program and time to say goodbyes.


    I understand that my child/ward will be asked to follow all ashram rules

    I hereby grant permission for my child ward to participate in the Sivananda Yoga Kids’ Camp. I assume full responsibility for my child/ward during his/her stay. I understand that he/she will be supervised by the Camp staff. I understand the camp, its activities, operations and methods, and grant the staff and counselors of the Camp my full support and faith in what they are doing.

    In the event that I cannot be reached in an emergency situation, I hereby give permission to the physician or hospital selected by the camp staff to secure treatment necessary for my child/ward. (Full effort will be made to contact any member of the family including relatives in the event of such emergency). Treatment may include injections, transfusions, anesthesia or surgery as necessary.

    I agreed to provide my child/ward with travel and health insurance covering the stay at the Camp.

    I give permission to my child to be recorded on film, tape video, etc. to be used for educational or promotional purposes.

    I hereby give full permission for my child/ward to be transported in a private or public vehicle during the camp.

    I assume full responsibility for my child/ward in the event of an accident or injury; I will hold harmless all staff, counselors or any member of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp and Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers and related parties or other guardians in the event of any accident or injury, except is such is due to gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the camp staff.

    I understand that my child/ward will be asked to follow the ashram rules prohibiting meat, eggs, fish, cigarettes, rock and roll music and moderate dress.

    Important: I hereby give full support to my child/ward to remain enrolled for the entire duration of the kid’s camp. I recognize this stipulation is essential for three reasons.

    My child/ward must remain enrolled to receive the full and proper benefit of the program.

    Because of limited space, enrollment in the program is accepted on a first come basis. Therefore, removing any child/ward before the end of the program effectively denies another child the right to participate.

    Creating a positive group feeling is an integral aspect of the program. Therefore removing any child may profoundly disrupt the psychological experience of the entire group.

    For these reasons, I recognize that it is unfair to the other children for any child, once enrolled, to be peremptorily removed and I agree not to cause this to occur.

    Parent/Guardian agrees that the covenants set forth herein are reasonable and valid an all respects and Parent/Guardian irrevocably agrees to waive (and irrevocably agrees not to raise) any issue or reasonableness in any proceeding, but if any such covenant is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, then that part not valid or unenforceable shall continue to be full in force and effect, the intention being to provide for the legitimate and unreasonable protection of the interest of the camp, given that it is a non-profit organization, by providing, inter alia, for the broadest scope allowable by applicable law.

    This agreement shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Quebec and the laws of Canada applicable therein.


    1200 CND / for three weeks. A non refundable deposit of $200 CND is required when submitting this application. The balance is due by June 1st, 2018. We regret that is not possible to make refunds. Credit cards (Visa or Master) are accepted. No personal checks will be accepted.

    Note: Application procedure is not completed until the following items are received:

    1. Application form filled online by the parent or guardian, with $ 200 CND deposit
    2. Rules and regulations sheet read and signed by camper and Parent/Guardian
    3. Health form printed and signed by both the Parent/Guardian and physician
    4. Copy of the child’s Canadian health card or documentation of health insurance valid in Canada
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